Our user-updateable websites enable non-technical users to update their text and graphics in minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some of our clients save thousands of dollars every year by updating their own websites.Update your own website in minutes and save

For many people, the ongoing cost of updating their web pages makes owning a website prohibitive. Not any longer! Instead of paying a professional webmaster every time you need to update your website you simply do it yourself.

OUR HISTORY & VISION: In business since 2000
WEBSbyU (pronounced “webs-by-you’), was begun by us, Rudy and Marny Pohl, in Ottawa in July 2000. From the beginning, our primary goal was to create professional-looking, user-updateable websites that individuals and small business owners could afford. We wanted to give our clients the ability to change and update their own websites easily and whenever they wanted to, at no cost to them and thereby save on maintenance costs.

CMS Pioneers: In the six months prior to launch we designed our first content management system (CMS), which is the software engine that allows our websites to be user-updateable. We found a brilliant, child-prodigy programmer named Tim Odom from Tucson, Arizona, on the internet who was just finishing up his grade-12 high school diploma at the time, and we engaged his services to build the back-end of the CMS. Tim is now a successful owner of his own hi-tech computer company in Tucson and we continue to be good friends today.

Crash-proof Hassle-free Systems: Within months of developing our first CMS we were asked by the third largest labour union in the Canadian Federal Government (then SSEA) to build them a large, multi-level, multi-archive, bilingual site that would serve as the primary communications vehicle and information repository for the organization. We were able to build and deliver the system on time and on budget. Two years later we upgraded the system making it more robust and more secure and are pleased that to this day this union, now called the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) remain as our clients and that our systems have never had a single failure or breakdown on any kind in over 10 years of service. Other individuals, organizations and business were steadily added to our client list over the years. Visit our client’s page and testimonial for a sample.

Launch Web Hosting: After our first year in business we learned that we needed to get greater control over the server environments that our systems resided on and so we began our own small web hosting company. After months of searching we choose ExpertHost as parent hosting company. ExpertHost, is a global company whose head office is here in Ottawa, and is a solid, reliable, competitive provider of a variety of web hosting services.

WordPress CMS added – January 2011:
In Janauary 2011, after a year of research and deliberation, we decided to become WordPress web developers and added the WordPress CMS to our toolbox. WordPress is the world’s leading blogging and CMS development platform with over 32 million installations as of December 2010. It is one of the greatest open source software success stories in internet history with thousands of programmers and developers world-wide contributing their time and expertise to create and advance this development platform. The reasons we chose WordPress is because of its shear size and popularity, as well as the hundreds of free add-on programs called plugins and widgets that extend the functionality of a WordPress website beyond anything we could have imagined just a few years ago. See our WordPress CMS development page for more details and examples.