$1250 Used Professional Video Camera – Sony PD150 – Mint Condition



Full camera kit with all the parts.

STUNNING image quality
STUNNING colour saturation
SUPERB audio quality.
Rugged, solidly-built, full-featured, awesome camera.

This is an Standard Defintion camera, however it was the top-rated and most-widely used professional video camera in it’s class for many years, used extensively by all the major television broadcast networks around the world – BBC, CNN, NBC, CBC, etc.

One of the main features that the pros loved about this camera is that  was (and still is) one of the very best low-light cameras ever made. This camera produces beautiful footage even in very low-light situations where other pro cameras produced footage so noise-filled that it was unusable.

The bottom line is that it breaks my heart to have to sell my two PD150s because they are so great. In fact, if I don’t get a decent price for them I will keep them because they are still perfect for youTube and Vimeo video and DVDs.

Why I am selling: I have reluctantly upgraded my main equipment to HD and it costs a small fortune, and therefore I’m selling off these two Sony’s to offeset my cost.

Here are links to some videos shot by this camera by me.

DVDs of videos created camera look amazing on a large widescreen HD television. You can come to my house and see for yourself.

This camera is PERFECT for students who want to learn professional video production techniques but can’t afford professional HD equipment.

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