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Introducing: Easy-as-Pie Tutorials for Newbies

Easy as Pie Tutorials for Web NewbiesEver found yourself just trying to “get started” on a new task involving web design or web development? I’ve been in this business professionally since July 2000 and I still find myself  having to learn new things all the time. Just recently, our small Mom and Pop shop here in Ottawa made the shift to becoming WordPress developers. A big change after 11 years of working with our own custom-engineered proprietary CMS system (which is a real beauty I might add, but can’t hold a candle to WordPress).

With so many new things to learn, and so often, I was a “Newbie” in many categories. How to set up WordPress? How to install plugins? How to modify CSS templates? How to implement Fancybox or Shadow Box? And here’s was good one.., how to build a Facebook business page from scratch?  That one took a while to get under control.

As I Googled and read ad infinitum for each new skill I had to master, I realized that so few “how to” articles are written for real newbies in mind. Most authors assume quite a bit of knowledge on the part of the reader, and basically jump right in to the tutorial. Being a teacher and a preacher in my “other” life I thought “Hey, why don’t I write some tutorials for real newbies”. And so here I am, ready to make my small offering in the rapidly exploding universe of cyber-content. Stay tuned for my first installment.

Rudy Pohl, February 8, 2011, Ottawa