Please feel free to contact any of our clients for references.
NOTE: Some listed below have closed their businesses/organizations.

Joan & Malcolm Dort – Owners, Marketplace Publishers, Ottawa

DortsMarny & Rudy Pohl  at WEBSbyU have been a Godsend to us! They completed redesigned and renovated our site so that now it’s attractive, professional-looking and user-friendly. As well, Rudy spent many hours on updating our online business directory which it is now easy to manage and attracts  many visitors to the site. We finally have a website that works for us and our clients. Rudy & Marny listened to what our needs were and more than met those needs. Thank you Rudy & Marny!

Ron Cogan – Ron Cogan Video Productions

Ron CoganDoing business with Rudy and Marny Pohl at WEBSbyU.com was a pleasure. They were helpful and professional at all times, and understood exactly what we needed. Our new website went live on time, on budget, and came out top-ranking in the major search engines. This site got us 20 new jobs in the first year of operation, and we have never had a single technical problem with it. Our clients love this site and tell us it’s one of the best they’ve seen. We highly recommend WebsByU.com.


Ric Brooks – President, Brookside Gardens, Eco Landscaping.
 Ric Brooks
This user-updateable website is truly amazing! And what’s more amazing is that I am adding new web pages and all kinds of text and images to my site daily, even though I was a total rookie and had never been on the Internet before. Rudy and Marny Pohl said it would be easy, but I never expected it to be this easy.

The Pohls were great to work with. They were helpful, courteous and professional from start to finish. I was impressed with their marketing and design skills as they quickly caught the nuances of our business and translated these into a terrific-looking and highly practical website. They kept me involved in the process all along the way and their online helps and after sales support are terrific. My expectations were far surpassed. I highly recommend WEBSbyU.com to anyone needing a website.

Deborah Fiander – Communications Officer: Canadian Association of Professional Employees
www.acep-cape.ca CAPE logo
Rudy Pohl built us an attractive, interactive website that appeals to our professional membership and is a snap for us to maintain. As well, he miraculously transformed me into someone who can update this rather large website in minutes – and make it look good too! Rudy possesses a rare and valuable combination of technical expertise and extraordinary communication skills. His enthusiasm for his products, his guarantees, and his ongoing after-sales support makes our affiliation with him well worth the reasonable costs. We have much to thank Rudy for, not the least of which is the simple pleasure of working with, and learning from him.

 Steve Caron — President, Summit Consumer Shows, Ottawa
Our Ski Show website is visited daily by major ski resorts from across North America. These resorts have state-of-the-art websites; this is a very critical audience. We receive regular compliments from these resort clients about the design and ease of use of our site.

The user-updateable system that the Pohls developed is easy to work with and the online tutorial is very complete. In just 15 minutes of training we had the skills to do our own updates when we wanted and at no cost to us. Easy updating is critical to us as we must make changes to our web site on a daily basis as we approach show time. We have no hesitation in recommending Rudy and Marny for your web design work.



Serena WilliamsonRudy and Marny Pohl were absolutely delightful to work with, and the results are fantastic. After spending time on the phone and in person at their place over tea and home-made muffins, Rudy spent some creative time working out concepts then showed me a homepage that knocked my socks off. He and Marny then came to our place to shoot pictures, not only of me, but of all six of our first batch of authors. What he then did with those pictures is magical. Lastly, updating my website is a dream. The system that these people have developed is fabulous. I recommend them to everyone. “Thanks, you two. You are fantastic!

Gerry Wertwyn – President, Alkim Glass Inc.

Gerry WertwynIf you want to feel personally and professionally satisfied at the work done by someone with a keen sense of what it takes to meet your needs, then you can’t go wrong with Rudy Pohl. We were very impressed by his distinctive approach to making our website something really special, and we are delighted with the results. Getting a user-updateable website from Rudy will make you want to make sure that your competition doesn’t learn about his remarkable skills. I am very happy to recommend him to anyone needing a website.

Joe Tomlinson, President – J.A.T. & Associates Inc. Ottawa, Ontario

Joe ThomlisonI found Rudy Pohl professional and great to work with from beginning to end. In addition to his creative design abilities, I particularly appreciated the innovative ideas and practical marketing suggestions he offered throughout the process regarding how to maximize the effectiveness of our website in the marketplace. Rudy quickly demonstrated a clear understanding of our company’s vision and goals and how to reflect that in our new website. I soon developed great confidence in his ability to deliver a superior product and I wasn’t disappointed.

Finally, regarding the user-updateable website itself: I was quite impressed at how easy it is to change my text and images. I received a 10-minute tutorial over the phone and was on my way. My overall experience was excellent and I highly recommend WEBSbyU.com.

Doug Assaly – President, The Mac Liquidators Inc.

no nameI can’t say enough about the folks at WEBSbyU.com. We needed a full-scale e-commerce system for our computer peripherals business and the site that Rudy Pohl built for us surpassed all our expectations! Rudy’s design abilities, technical know-how, commitment to our needs, and above all, his patience, were truly amazing. You simply can’t go wrong with WEBSbyU.


Phil Therrien – Industrial Sales Manager: GINNI Photographic Company, Ottawa

GINN PhotoWe needed a software package for our web site that would enable our sales staff (who are not skilled with HTML language) to make daily product updates and changes. WEBSbyU did just that very effectively and economically. With only 15 minutes of training our staff can do their updates on the fly without having to wait! Thank you Rudy!

Rev. Susan Brandt – Founder, Executive Director: Street Level Consulting & Counseling, Calgary, Alberta

Susan BrandtThanks to the folks at WEBSbyU.com we now have a terrific information website that even I, with my limited computer skills, can update quickly and easily.
From day one we’ve experienced amazing results, and people continue to write to us from all over the world telling us how much they like our site. The best part is we don’t have to pay a cent in website maintenance fees – we do it ourselves.

Ron Gray – National Leader: Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Ron GrayWhen we decided to make the Internet the major component of our Party’s media strategy, Rudy Pohl helped us think through the best ways to use this new environment. He suggested including a news-oriented homepage, interactive elements, the ability to exchange ideas in cyber-space, and best of all, he developed a plan to make our site self-financing — and it’s working! What’s more, myself and another co-worker keep this entire website updated with fresh material in just minutes and without any formal training! It’s that easy. Hard to believe but true.

Roger Moyer – GraceWorks Ministries

Roger MoyerI heartily applaud the comments in the other testimonials on this page. WEBSbyU.com is an extraordinary enterprise and I found Rudy great to work with. He’s honest, courteous, respectful, helpful and affirming. He has made it possible for me to “amaze myself” at what I am able to accomplish in a medium I know little about. If you are considering getting a website, you owe it to yourself to have a good look at this visionary company and be sure to try out the Live Demo.

Evelyn Morin – Real Estate Broker, St. Catharines, Ontario

Evelyn MorinBeing almost totally computer illiterate myself, Rudy Pohl of www.WebsByU.com saved the day with the creation of our wonderful user-updateable website. We are a small independent real estate firm and Rudy performed miracles producing a website for our company, which enables us to compete in the high-tech market of real estate for a fraction of the cost of large corporate websites. We love the easy-to-follow online user guide and the user-friendly pages which can be updated with the touch of a mouse-button. Posting new listings is like child’s play for us.

Gary and Margaret Anne Mellor – Retreat Leaders: St. Mary’s Church New Life Retreat

The MellorsOur website created by Rudy Pohl of WEBSbyU.com has attracted a lot of attention. It is such a benefit to be able to refer our retreatants and possible retreatants to this website. It enables them to have a clearer picture of what the New Life Retreat is about and gives them an easy way to register for upcoming retreats. When we have out-of-town requests for information, it is great to be able to send them to this easy reference. The greatest bonus is that the site is so easy to update and change at any time. Thank you, Rudy for this excellent help to our ministry.

Lou Ranahan – Director, Harmony Solutions, (meteorology.ca), Ottawa

I found Rudy Pohl excellent to work with. He was creative, pleasant, and he more than met my expectations.

Tim Davidson – pastor, Saint John Vineyard, Saint John, New Brunswick

Tim DavidsonThe only way our church would consider having a web page was if it was something that could be easily maintained. We did not want to be dependent on that one person in the church with computer skills. WEBSbyU.com provided an excellent way for the pastor, youth leader and missions people to easily update their pages from anywhere there is a computer. It has been great for quick mid-week youth announcements and prayer alerts for missions. The look of the site is fantastic. Photos and text updates are simple. The service has been very fast. I HIGHLY recommend WEBSbyU.com.