Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking is an essential part of website ownership and use. With Google Analytics, the best tracking and analysis system in the world, you can see exactly how much and what kind of traffic your website is getting.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Best Tracking/Analysis System in the world:
Google Analytics

Certain kinds of information can be quite helpful in determining how effectively your website is functioning.  Below are just a few of the statistics Google Analytics makes available to you.

How many visitors per day/week/month
How many new first-time visitors vs. returning visitors
From where geographically are visitors coming from
Which pages are being visited the most, the least
How many pages does the average visitor look during each visit
How long do your visitors stay on each page, on the site
From which page do most visitors enter the site
From which page do most visitors exit the site
How many times “Call to Action” page was clicked per 100 visitors

Statistics like these can be very helpful in revealing your website’s strengths and weaknesses and are essential in formulating an effective internet marketing strategy.

Our 3-Month Visitor Tracking Plan includes:
– Set up Google gmail account for client
– Install Google Analytics on each web page
– Monitor visitor traffic for 3 months from launch date
– Prepare and send 3 monthly traffic reports and make recommendations

Cost:  $325  (5 hours @ $65/hour:)