Web Marketing

We provide a basic, entry-level Web Marketing service using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods there is, and when effectively deployed can bring great benefits to your business.

Google Adwords are short, three-line advertisements with clickable titles that are found down the right-hand side of every Google search results page. When someone clicks on the title-link of your Ad they are taken to your pre-determined company’s web page that features the particular product or service you are advertising.

In the screen shot image directly below the web surfer searched on the phrase “printer repair in Ottawa”. The Google search results page appeared and listed a number of the most relevant companies in Ottawa, but it also listed our client’s Google Adwords Ad in the right-hand column which featured an on-going promotion.

 Google Adwords

One of the really great things about Adwords is that you can get immediate exposure for your company, a product, service, event or promotion. It take only minutes to get you new Ad online and visible.

 A RECENT EXAMPLE:   $7,000 in sales for $120 in click costs!
In the summer of 2010, we had a client who needed to sell several packages of the service he offers. The problem was that his services, which are typically used in the summer season, are almost almost booked in advance in the winter season. How could we reach prospective clients and motivate them to buy a service package an entire year ahead? We created a discount promotion with a large enough saving to make it worth buying it a year in advance. We created a Google Adwords Ad featuring the promotion and within just a few weeks the client sold the required amount of packages. Total cost to the client in clicks was $120! No other form of advertising can even come close to this in terms of speed, responses, control and cost.

 Pay-per-Click: One of the great things about Adwords is that you pay Google  ONLY when someone actually clicks on your Ad. Plus you can specify the maximum dollar amount you are willing to pay per click and your maximum total daily amount thereby giving you complete control over your advertising budget.

There are several specialized skills required to effectively deploy a Google Adwords campaign, and like all things in life, you can do some basic, entry level things, or you can go for the whole “meal deal” with all the bells and whistles. It all depends on your needs, the degree of competition in your particular market,  and of course your budget.

Basic Entry-Level Service: We have made a strategic decision in line with our business model to not become web marketing specialists, but instead we have chosen to simply provide a basic, affordable, effective entry level service. For many small businesses in average competitive markets this level of web marketing is often all they need. For companies with more demanding needs we refer them to local web marketing specialists who are equipped to serve them.


  • Set up a gmail.com account if client doesn’t have one (needed for Adwords)
  • Set up a Google Adwords account
  • Acquire a free Google promo coupon and apply it to client’s new account (usually $75 to $100)
  • Client’s credit card is supplied to Google to pay for clicks
  • Do basic keyword research and analysis – up to 6 keywords
  • Write 6 ads based on the chosen keywords
  • Write one alternative ad for each of the above (we run two versions of each ad to test which is better)
  • Track performance of all ads and make recommendations on a weekly basis for 3 months
  • Compile and send reports to client at the end of each month.

Cost:  $520  (8 hours @ $65/hour)