Web Dev

We specialize in creating professional looking, highly functional, user-updateable websites at the lowest possible price. Our websites allow you to take control of your web content, look your best on the Internet and save money at the same time.

What’s the difference?

Web Design: Web design is about designing the appearance of a website to make it look professional, and creating a logical menu system that makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. A well designed website is pleasing to look at, easy to use, and sends a message of competence and professionalism.

WEb development services

Web Development: Web development includes web design but goes much further. Web development describes a complex process of planning and implimenting websites that have much greater functionality than simple static websites. Some common examples of additional functionality are:

  • user-updateable websites (content management systems – CMS)
  • websites that are connected to databases for various purposes
  • blogs and other social media related capabilities (re Twitter, Facebook, youTube, etc.)
  • job posting/seeking websites and other info centres.
  • recruitment and sign-up sites for charities and organizations
  • community forums
  • live chat rooms
  • live video web-casting and conferencing
  • customizable photo and video galleries
  • surveys, polls quizzes and complex exams
  • calendars and events schedulers
  • calculators and other mathematical programs
  • news feeds into and from the site
  • various aspects of online sales, e-commerce
  • and much more… the list is almost endless.

To compete in the highly demanding world of web development requires considerable knowledge and experience and a broad spectrum of hi-tech skills and disciplines. A good web developer is up-to-date and knows what special functions and capabilities are currently possible, plus how to acquire and impliment the neccessary technology in a cost effective, low maintenance and highly secure manner. Here at WEBSbyU we’ve been meeting these challenges successfully since July 2000, and now with the addition of the WordPress CMS web development platform we are able to offer our clients even greater functionality for their websites at lower prices than ever.

See our WordPress CMS page for examples of extended functionalities.