Using the prices listed below for the various components that go into creating a website, you should be able to add up the ones you want and come up with a fairly accurate price estimate for your proposed job.


Basic WordPress CMS Website: $2080 – $2600
(32 – 40 hours @ $65/hour)

  • This would be a small to medium-sized WordPress CMS website (12-18 pages)
  • Image work includes logos, images, slide show, thumbnails
  • Client chooses a StudioPress Theme template, we do some minor modifications if needed
  • Client supplies all text content, we do some minor edits and text selection

Visitor Tracking 3 Month Plan: $325 
(5 hours @ $65/hour)

SEO – Adding Backlinks: $325
(5 hours @ $65/hour)

  • See our page on SEO Retrofits for details
  • The SEO Basic Plan is included in all our websites and item 8, adding backlinks, is extra

3-Slide Presentation Video for youTube: $195
(3 hours @ $65/hour)

Social Media Package: $1040 + 
(16+ hours @ $65/hour)

  • Create a Facebook Business Page and get you started in some relevant groups
  • Create and complete your LindedIn account using your supplied resumé and three LinkedIn references
  • Create and complete a Google Places account (Google Maps)
  • Create a youTube account and upload a 3-Slide presentation video
  • Create a Scribd account, write and upload “Here’s What We Do” page
  • Create a Twitter account and get you following some key people.
  • Up to 2 hour tutorial given at our office on Social Media and blogging

Web Marketing Basic Plan: $520 
(8 hours @ $65/hour)

Annual Hosting and Domain Name Cost: $270

  • $250 for server space, $20 for domain name admin

TOTALS: $4755 – $5275   – Complete Website  
We strongly recommended that you order the complete website package if your business or organization will be competing for visibility in a fairly competitive internet market. There are only 10 spots available on page # 1 of Google and they are getting harder and harder to attain. The above plans and packages have a long and proven track record of success.

  • Basic Website: $2080 – $2600
  • Visitor Tracking: $325
  • SEO Backlinks: $325
  • 3-Slide Presentation Video: $195
  • Social Media Package: $1040 +
  • Web Marketing Basic Plan: $520
  • Hosting and admin: $270
  • Taxes extra: 13% HST in Ontario.